Dolphin Way audiobook “brings the dolphin world to us”

This new review has just been published of the Dolphin Way Audiobook:

What makes dolphins so majestic? What makes them so peaceful? Would you think that they, like humans, orchestrated a code under the sea? With so many fish in the sea, how do dolphins maintain the harmony, but still hold fear over the others? When we see dolphins, we see happiness, strength, and wisdom. Caney’s story brings the dolphin world to us, in a very human-like way. His intention is clear and the story is enlightening. If you think that you know a lot about dolphins, you may be surprised to find another fun fact embedded in Sky’s life lessons.

Touches The Sky is a good dolphin because he follows ‘The Way’. What is ‘The Way’ exactly? It’s the code that all dolphin must abide by to keep in good grace with their clans. Even bigger, ‘The Way’ was always taught as an ancient practice that was set into motion for all creatures under the sea to live their most peaceful lives. ‘The Way’ instructs that they must only take what is needed to survive. They must not kill another of their species. And so forth…we can understand this as we too have a legal code that we must abide by to live in peace on land. Sky, by no means, is a leader, or so that is what he’s always believed, but when a female dolphin questions his beliefs and the desire for change in an everchanging world, Sky knows that his life will never be simple again. Everything that he thought came so easy with ‘The Way’ has now become difficult and corrupt. His curiosity leads him to long lost questions that he never knew he had…and for that, others are not so keen for him to find the answers too. After being exiled from his clan for directly disobeying ‘The Way’ in an attempt to save his friends, Sky learns the most important lesson of all. Death is never the answer unless absolutely unavoidable. Even though, some within their world still believe it to be acceptable practices for the elite. How can Sky ever hope to instill change in his species so that they can keep living in peace?

Mark Caney, author of Dolphin Way

Caney has an extremely impressive career in diving and the study of wild dolphins. Not only has he written this fictional story about dolphins who abide by a moral code like humans, he is also the narrator or the storyteller. He brings his characters to life with enthusiasm, determination, and curiosity. According to many authors, narration is extremely difficult to accomplish for your own work, so kudos to Caney for being able to capture these creatures with entirely separate personalities, beliefs, and human-like qualities while still sharing his knowledge of the sea. The story translated to audio very well and the scenes were easy to imagine based on descriptiveness and the narration; pace was well matched to boot.

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