The zetii seldom choose to spend much time alone and so are usually to be found in groups. In some cases, these are informal, temporary arrangements and in such situations, the members may not name themselves as a clan. Assemblies of zetii usually fall into one of these categories:

  1. All-male groups
  2. All-female groups
  3. Groups of females and children
  4. Mixed groups; males, females and children

Of these, 3 and 4 are the most likely to be relatively stable and to take on the title of “clan” and start to develop their own clan culture. Within the Ka-Tse (Bottlenose Dolphins), there tends to be a distinction between clans which spend most of their time in coastal waters and those that frequent the deeper waters of the open sea.

Clans usually have a Council and often a Prime Mother or Prime Father who provides a form of loose leadership, based more on providing guidance than dominance.

There are some roles that are frequently found in zetii society. Most clans will have individuals occupying at least one of these roles, and sometimes an individual may have more than one. The larger clans will certainly have zetii fulfilling some or all of these roles. Most of the zetii species replicate some of these roles, but these examples are specifically from the Ka-Tse, who arguably have one of the most developed and sophisticated cultures of the zetii.

Calculator A zeta trained to perform complex mental computations or collations while in a trance-like state. They are frequently used to process the data amassed by Seekers or stored by Starwriters.
Dreamweaver A female zeta who directs Starwriters’ ceremonies, usually leading the song(s). She provides the conditions for the Starwriters to either embed the data into their subconsciousness or to extract it.
Initiates of the Way A trained scholar who has successfully graduated from an Academy. A zeta who is “ready to begin learning” according to the Way, as they have begun the journey towards the first level of consciousness.
Jeii This is not a role as such, but is a short form of address for a teacher, or sometimes for a respected senior figure. Often also used as a suffix to a teacher’s name, eg “Cloud Passing-Jeii”.
Narrator A teller of stories, always including the traditional tales, but usually able to invent stories to suit particular events or circumstances. They sometimes remain in a clan, but typically move from clan to clan over time. Many of these stories are intended to convey some moral message.
Novices Older trainees in an Academy who are aiming to become Initiates of the Way.
Prime Mother/Father Leader of a Clan.
Seeker A zeta trained to observe, measure, deduce, hypothesise and experiment.
Star Writer A female zeta trained to store vast amounts of data in her subconsciousness. The data is stored or accessed in a trance-like state. Unique movements of stars or planets and specific songs are typically used as mental triggers to aid this process.
Voice of Change A Councillor responsible for considering the need for alterations to the traditional means of responding to situations. To recommend changes or conservatism as required based on his or her understanding of the facts.
Voice of the Others A Councillor responsible for considering the needs of all other species and speaking on their behalf where appropriate.
Voice of the Unborn A Councillor responsible for considering the needs of the future generations of zetii and speaking on their behalf.
Voice of Truth A Councillor responsible for determining the truth in matters of dispute, who is specially chosen for their ability to dispassionately recognise essential truths.
Voice of Youth A Councillor who is responsible for considering the needs of the younger generations of zetii and speaking on their behalf where appropriate.