Thoroughly recommend both book and audio book to everyone who loves dolphins…

New review of Dolphin Way Audiobook

I read this excellent book a few weeks ago and have now been given the chance to enjoy the audio version. We travel with Sky and his clan as he comes to terms with his past, his present dilemma and the consequence of his decisions as an Initiate of the Way.

I was drawn into the world of dolphins and our own responsibilities towards their well being. I felt the dolphins confusion and lack of comprehension over the selfish actions of humanity and the changes this brings to their own once idyllic life in the Ocean.

When division arises between members of the clan they are forced to rethink the philosophy of their ancient code of beliefs. This leads to conflict between groups of dolphins and their futures.

A love story which brings Sky to choose between two possible female partners each offering him very different futures.

His decisions involve the lives of his closest friends and the possibility of exile from all he holds dear.

We follow Sky on his many adventures in his attempt to take the correct path.

Dolphins only ask to live their lives in freedom safe from the deterioration of their environment and the actions we as humans inflict on them.

We must respect these highly intelligent beings who’s home lays just beneath us in the Ocean. Marks narration truly brings each character to life and allows us to travel with them on their adventures.

I would thoroughly recommend both book and audio book to everyone who loves dolphins, our oceans and the ever changing environment we and the dolphins share.