Dolphins on the phone

Enjoyable Apps, the developers of Playing with Dolphins, has launched a new product for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. This is a new application that uses cutting edge technology to give users a unique, realistic experience whereby they can get close and interactively enjoy dolphins in their natural habitat. Users are able to watch a pair of real dolphins swim, hear them talk, and influence their behavior. Playing with Dolphins footage is from the movie, Beneath the Blue, staring Paul Wesley.

Playing with Dolphins is a new, unique application that dolphin lovers everywhere will appreciate. It offers realistic, up-close-and-personal exposure to a pair of real dolphins in their natural habitat.

Users are able to interact with these mammals, making Playing with Dolphins a revolutionary, cutting edge app. Tapping the screen calls the dolphins to come and it can also influence their behavior by encouraging them to stay around. If users prefer, they are able to set the app to ‘Random’ to let the dolphins carry on swimming around, talking and playing as they normally would.

Source: prMac

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