Stranded Peruvian dolphin makes it back to sea

13 June

A bottle-nosed dolphin has been released back into the wild after it was stranded on the Peruvian coast and forced to battle the odds against high tides and illegal hunters.

Rescue workers fought against rough waves for six hours at Mamacona Beach, 40km south of Lima, to bring the female mammal back to safety.

She was then transferred to a rehabilitation centre run by marine conservation organisation Orca at nearby San Bartolo beach.

Rescue worker Fiorella Iturrino said it had been a tough but exhilarating task.

“We tried to stabilise her, but stabilising her was very difficult because the waves destabilised us as well. It was very tiring and very exciting. It was a unique experience,” said Iturrino.

Orca specialists and marine biologists treated the mammal. She has been named Arwen.

Arwen was visibly traumatised by the experience of the stranding. She had cuts to her body and early signs of pneumonia.

But marine biologist Carlos Yaipen said she was very lucky to be alive.

Marine conservationists have a tough time battling against illegal dolphin hunting and were delighted to have a happy ending for once.

Arwen was last seen disappearing into the Pacific surf.


Source: 3 News

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