‘The Whale’ is coming

The trailer for a new documentary about an abandoned killer whale and the humans he befriends has hit the web and none other than the godfather of marine mammal protection, Ric O’Barry, has given the film his personal seal of approval.

Narrated by Ryan Reynolds and set in his hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia, The Whale tells the saga of Luna, a wild killer whale. After losing contact with his family off the coast of British Columbia, Luna turned up alone in a narrow stretch of sea between mountains, a scenic fjord called Nootka Sound.

According to the film’s website:

Because orcas are highly social creatures who spend their lives traveling with their pods, Luna attempts to find a surrogate family among the area residents, much to their delight. But as word spreads about Luna, people become torn between their love for the lonely young whale and fears that human contact might harm him.

“Fun and moving and unforgettable,” reads a quote from O’Barry. “Everybody should see this film.”

O’Barry shot to international fame in 2009 as the star of the Academy award-winning documentary, The Cove. In the film, he and other activists document Taiji, Japan’s annual drive hunt, in which 2,000 dolphins are lured into a shallow cove and either killed for their meat or captured and sold to an aquarium.

While called killer whales, orcas are technically categorized as dolphins.

The Whale opens next month in select theaters: September 9 in Seattle, September 16 in New York, and September 23 in Washington, DC.

Source: Take Part

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