Underwater Book Launch


On Monday, 26 September, Mark Caney made waves on the literary circuit yesterday after becoming the first author in the UK to launch his debut novel – underwater.

Mark Caney, vice-president of diver training agency PADI International, plumbed the depths in the Blue Planet Aquarium, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, to promote his critically-acclaimed new paperback, Dolphin Way: Rise of the Guardians.

He sunk down 16ft – 5m – and spent 15 minutes surrounded by some of the ocean’s most exciting creatures, including stingrays and sand tiger sharks.

Despite being underwater, the writer still managed to give a ‘reading’ by removing his breathing regulator and mouthing the first chapter.

The book and its pages were laminated in clear plastic to prevent ripping and to stop the ink from running.

He was joined on Monday’s event by three scuba-diving fans, who heard about the launch on Facebook.

Caney,  one of Britain’s most experienced divers, said the reading went “entirely to plan”.

But the author, who lives in Bristol, admitted: “Speaking underwater obviously isn’t easy. For one thing, you can’t breathe and talk, and no one can actually hear what you’re saying.

“That said, it went entirely to plan. Those who came to the event were given a laminated copy of part of the book and followed what I was saying by reading along.”

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