Book review site rates Dolphin Way

The book review blog site Booking In Heels has just reviewed Dolphin Way. Here are few excerpts from the review:

…it’s such a unique concept it kind of has to be seen to be believed. I saw a review somewhere that labelled it as a kind of Watership Down with dolphins and now that I’ve read the book, I’m whole-heartedly in agreement. It’s just as beautiful, moving and horrifying (which to this day I’m too scared to reread) but deals with the more identifiable environmental threats instead of Facism and Communism.

…The entire dolphin society and belief system is so well explained that it seems like it could easily be real.

…My ultimate favourite thing about Dolphin Way: Rise of the Guardians was the classes young dolphins are made to attend to learn how to blow bubble rings, control their breathing and other essentials for day-to-day dolphin survival. I just felt that it lightened up the book a little. I’m not saying that it’s a heavy, preachy book; far from it, but it does deal with some weighty issues so it was nice to have a bit of fun thrown in here and there. Muddy was amusing most of the time too.

…Before I picked it up, I was a little worried that it would come across as a bit silly as anthropomorphic novels occasionally do. It doesn’t. Not at all. It’s very, very well written.

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