Dolphin Way reviewed

Dolphin Way: Rise of the Guardians has just been reviewed by Cheryl Pasquier. Here are some of her comments:

“If Sir David Attenborough ever turned his hand to writing a novel  this is exactly the sort of book he would come up with…his intimate knowledge and understanding of the marine world is evident in his writing. He depicts, in intricate detail, the atmosphere and lifeforms beneath the waves so that you feel as though you have taken a crash course in deep-sea diving without ever leaving the comfort of your favourite armchair!”

“The book has all the makings of a great thriller – violence, gangs, terrorist factions, murder, deceit, an undercurrent of romance and an apocalyptic threat looming on the horizon – and I couldn’t help but think that Mark Caney has a great career ahead of him as a crime writer, if he ever gets bored of the dolphins ! But it would be a shame to put aside the strong ecological message of the book. The unfathomable Walkers (that’s us humans, although we sound a bit more sinister and alien-like from the dolphins’ viewpoint) are creating all kinds of problems for the marine mammals and there is plenty of food for thought for the eco-conscious readers amongst us.”

“Forget Flipper – Mark Caney shows us a fascinating and sometimes surprising glimpse into the real world of dolphins and it’s a lot more complex and at times chilling that you would imagine.”

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