World Whale Conference scheduled for October

Hilton Brighton Metropole, Brighton, UK. Thursday 25th – Friday 26th October 2012

On the 30th anniversary of the decision to ban whaling, which took place at the Brighton Hilton Metropole, near London, UK, the world’s whale and dolphin charities are returning to the same location to join forces on behalf of whales and dolphins again!

The World Whale Conference will be the largest gathering of whale and dolphin charities and individuals working to protect these animals that there has ever been.  A two day conference running from Thursday 25th to Friday 26th October 2012, it will discuss and agree actions in the following areas:
• Planet Whale and a new direction for whale and dolphin conservation
• The formation of a new global partnership – how will it work?
• Workshops to set goals for the partnership and discuss the major threats to cetaceans
• Unique opportunity to participate in a new global campaign to save whales and dolphins.
• Press launch of the new global campaign to save whales and dolphins.

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