Dolphins heading for freedom

A beautiful bottlenose dolphin flies through the air to catch a fish thrown by his rescuer.

Another lies basking in the warm sun in his Mediterranean sanctuary.

Just two years ago these two traumatised mammals, Tom and Misha, were rescued by British wildlife charity Born Free from a tiny swimming pool in Turkey.

Now the pair, who had lost the instinct to catch fish after six years in captivity, have been re-trained to get back their hunting skills.

The dolphins were helped by US cetacean expert Jeff Foster, who rehabilitated killer whale Keiko, star of the film Free Willy. Mr Foster said: “If we can get Tom and Misha back to the wild it will be one of the great release projects of all time.”

To make a donation and help support returning Tom and Misha back to the wild visit or contact Born Free on UK 01403 240170.

Source: by John Ingham and Stuart Winter

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