Dolphin Way is One Year Old!

Dolphin Way: Rise of the Guardians was published on 4th July 2011 and so is now one year old! Set entirely amongst the dolphins, the novel takes the reader into a world that is fascinating and believable. This is particularly so because the author has extensively researched these extraordinary creatures and has taken painstaking care to ensure that the details are accurate. In that year there has been a lot of positive feedback about the book:

Some of the comments from the critics included:

  • “I absolutely loved Dolphin Way: Rise of the Guardians and read it in three days because I wanted to immerse myself in the fabulous world which Mark Caney created.”
  • “Before I picked it up, I was a little worried that it would come across as a bit silly as anthropomorphic novels occasionally do. It doesn’t. Not at all. It’s very, very well written.”
  • “If Sir David Attenborough ever turned his hand to writing a novel this is exactly the sort of book he would come up with.”


Readers have been enthusiastic too. Here are some examples:

  • “It is wonderful when you find a book that is so magical it transports you away from your everyday routines. I’ve just finished reading Mark Caney’s Dolphin Way and now feel at a loss as I’ve had to say goodbye to the world it took me to.”
  • “I just finished Dolphin Way and can honestly say I’ve never had a book put me through such a range of emotions. Laughter, then tears a few pages later; anger, then at total peace in a few paragraphs. The author’s experience with not only dolphins, but the aquatic world in general, shines through this wonderfully written novel.”
  • “Dolphin Way: Rise of the Guardians was a very captivating story. Hard to set down once I got started. Many emotions ran through me. Kept a box of tissues at hand. The story made an impact on my heart several times when two and two would come together.”
  • “One of the most enjoyable reads for me in a long, long time. I love the whole dolphin perspective, the characters, the story, the dolphin tradition, the clan, and the deeper message to us to look after out oceans.”

You can buy Dolphin Way: Rise of the Guardians as a paperback or e-book here or you can download the opening chapters for free. Get it now and see the world through the eyes of the dolphins.

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