First ever Dolphin show in Karachi, Pakistan

The international dolphin show with the cooperation of Pakistan Navy will be held for the citizens of Karachi in October this year. This year, this was stated by Commander Karachi, Pakistan Navy Rear Admiral Khawja Ghazanfar Hussain SI (M) and Mr. Mustafa Kamal of TBI.

The Talent Broker International (TBI) with their international partners Utrish Dolphinarium Inc. are organizing Dolphin International Shows for the first time in Pakistan The official announcement of the launching of the dolphin shows and ground breaking ceremony of state-of-the-art swimming pool was made at the Maritime Museum Karsaz Karachi by Commander Karachi Pakistan Navy Rear Admiral, Chief Executive Officer of Utrish Dolphinarium Lev Mukhametov from Russia and Mr Mustafa Kamal of Talent Broker Intl. The 80 feet long and 50 feet wide swimming pool with a straight depth of 14 feet will be built conforming to international standards and requirement for dolphin show. Also, a big arena will be built with the seating capacity of around 4000 for the show.

Commander Karachi Rear Admiral Ghazafar Hussain said that considering the situation that there are limited entertainment opportunities in the country and no international entertainment event has been held for the last few years due to security issues, this first ever series of dolphin shows would be a moment of joy and fun for the citizens.

Mustafa Kamal CEO TBI said, this new form of entertainment to provide diversity from routine life will also be a great opportunity of learning obedience, grace, agility and softness of dolphins through their exciting performances in water for the people of every walk of life and to experience how dolphins communicate with humans. Dolphins’ live performance will thrill the audience through their amazing acrobatic ability, leaping high into the air performing bows and spins, dancing and rocket ride with the trainers and much more, he mentioned. Chief Executive Officer of Utrish Dolphinarium Lev Mukhametov said that a team of eight members of Utrish Dolphinarium Inc. comprising five performers, two handlers, and a doctor will be coming soon to Pakistan. They are bringing with them four bottlenose dolphins and two sea lions to conduct more than 160 shows in Karachi. Later, another team of 42 members of the company will arrive that will include performers, trainers, dolphin handlers and veterinary doctors.

Source: Pakistan Observer

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  1. dolphins are not for your entertainment – when will you people understand this – for ALLA’S sake stop this madness please

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