Ric O’Barry to lead trip to Taiji

By Ric O’Barry Director Dolphin Project Earth Island Institute
I will be returning to Taiji on Sept. 1st with international supporters for the first day of the new dolphin hunt season.

I invite you to join me and other members of our Dolphin Project/Save Japan Dolphins Team for this peaceful mission.  Help us keep the dolphin hunts in the public eye, so there is a future for dolphins in Japan that is free from their capture, slaughter and exploitation.  We will also continue to expose the hazards of consuming mercury-contaminated dolphin meat, which no one in the world should be eating.
Our 6-day trip includes arrival in Osaka (one day), sightseeing in Osaka (one day), bus down to Taiji with stops of interest (one day), a ceremony and other events at the Cove on Sept. 1st (one day), a day of sightseeing in the local area plus discussions of the issues (one day), return by bus to Osaka (one day), fly home.

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