Girl bitten by dolphin

The little girl who got bit by a dolphin at Sea World said today that it “really, really hurt.”

But instead of being upset, 8-year-old Jillian Thomas said she prayed for the dolphin.

“There was this little carton that you put the fish in and I fed them and then I pulled it and raised it up and when the dolphin saw it, it leaped at me and bit me and ate the carton,” Jillian said. “It really, really hurt.”

She suffered three puncture wounds to her hand, about the size of a dime, before the dolphin released her.

The girl, however, was more worried about the dolphin.

“I was afraid that the dolphin might get sick because of the paper carton,” she said.

“Two nights we prayed for the dolphin,” said her mother Amy Thomas.

The frightening experience hasn’t stopped Jillian from loving animals and she still  says she hopes one day to become a dolphin trainer.

Jillian and her family had spent the day Nov. 21 at the Orlando park’s Dolphin Cove, visiting the dolphins for the second time that day.

In a video taken by her father, Jillian held up the paper tray that holds the dolphin’s food and moved it away from the pool.   The hungry dolphin lunged toward her and bit her hand. Sea World warns guests not to move or wave the plate with the food in the air while feeding the dolphins.

Jillian’s father, Jamie Thomas, posted the video online as a warning to other parents.

Full story: ABC

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