Author of Dolphin Way featured

Mark CaneyMark Caney, author of Dolphin Way, has been featured in Avi Bernstein’s “Series of Underwater Photographers“.

This biographic detail accompanied the image:

A diver since 1976, Mark Caney began diving in the UK. By the time he had made his first ten dives he was taking a camera underwater and underwater photography has been a passion ever since.


He ran a dive centre in Cyprus from 1980 to 1990 after leaving the British military and there had a chance to refine his technique as he was spending so much time underwater.


From Cyprus he traveled extensively, conducting PADI instructor level and technical diving programs internationally; he also led an award winning expedition lasting four months to explore previously undived parts of the African coast. Whenever there was a chance, he would be carrying his housed Nikon system.


As well as being widely published as an underwater photographer, Mark is a writer, and his work has featured extensively in magazines and other media. He has also contributed to many of the publications produced by PADI since he began working in his present position of Vice President, Training and Customer Services at PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa. In 2011 he had his first novel published, Dolphin Way: Rise of the Guardians, a unique book in that it is set entirely in the world of the dolphins.


His strong technical diving background led him to be deeply involved in development of all of the PADI technical diving courses from EANx through to CCR and he is a member of the PADI TecRec test dive team. He continues to play a key role in shaping the direction of technical diver training, calling on his wealth of experience of international practices and expedition diving to ensure TecRec courses match the needs of technical divers whether they are diving in the tropics or above the Arctic Circle. He is Vice President of PADI’s Technical Diving Division.


Mark has twice been the President of the European Underwater Federation (EUF), for a total of five years. He has been heavily involved in the establishment of European and ISO standards for diving and he continues to represent the UK as one of its two Designated Experts for international standards negotiation and design.  In addition to diving and photography, Mark is a keen sailor and a sailing instructor and has often managed to combine the three activities.



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