Stranded baby porpoise rescued in Dublin

The little mammal beached on Tuesday afternoon and once spotted, a rescue plan was put into action by the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group. They requested the assistance of the Irish Coastguard and a team from nearby Howth launched a boat. A spokesperson for Howth Coastguard said: “The decision was made to bring the baby mammal who was beached back to the sea in the hope it would successfully swim away.” The precious bundle was placed into the boat and brought one kilometre out to the open water. There was initially a little hesitation about returning to the sea from Fungie Beag (Wee Fungie in Irish), who was named after Co Cork’s famous bottle nose dolphin Fungie. But, quickly Fungie Beag was swimming around and around, enjoying being returned to its natural environment. It is hoped that the baby has now been reunited with its mummy and daddy somewhere in the Irish Sea.

Source: UTV

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