Dolphins say “I love you” with a bouquet of seaweed

So much can be said with flowers – whether  it’s I’m sorry, congratulations or simply I love you, they’re a gesture most  people can identify with.

And so, it seems, can dolphins. A curiously  romantic side to these charming marine mammals has been revealed in a stunning  new BBC TV series, the first episode of which was released on 3rd January.

Documentary crews have been able to observe a  male bottlenose dolphin wooing his sweetheart with a garland of  seaweed.

She poses coquettishly with her gift, before  their love is sealed by mating. 

Documentary-makers went to extraordinary  lengths to capture the dolphins’ mating rituals, using 13 remote-control devices  shaped like turtles, tuna, clams and squid in the ocean off the coast of  Mozambique.


They found that dolphins can be pushy  parents, loyal friends, and prone to adolescent bursts of machismo.

‘This is the first time the daily lives of  dolphins have been filmed at close range in such intimate detail,’ says  zoologist and film-maker Rob Pilley.

Full story: Daily Mail

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