Irish farmer rescues dolphin

FarmerLocal farmer Martin Costello came to the rescue of a young dolphin recently stranded in an inlet near Maree in Ireland.


Alerted by local naturalist, Martin Byrne, Costello waded into the shallow water and carried the dolphin to the entrance of the inlet where he placed it in clear water.


The inlet at Ballinacourty, which drains completely of seawater at low tides, has caused the death of dolphins in the past. However MrCostello was able to save the dolphin in time, and was delighted to report watching the dolphin swim away, and after circling several times, was seen jumping from the water.


Simon Berrow of the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group commented: “This is excellent news. Mr Costello did the right thing. If the dolphin had been left where it was it would certainly have died. Swift action is very important, as stranded dolphins do not survive.”

Source: Galway Advertiser

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