Beautiful dolphin photos taken off coast of UK

The Maldives? Mauritius? In fact these stunning pictures of dolphins swimming through crystal clear turquoise waters were taken off Milford Haven.

A group of anglers on a fishing trip off the Welsh coast were stunned when the pod of around 50 dolphins surfaced close to their boat and put on a playful display.

The inquisitive mammals ducked and dived around the boat’s twin hulls and around it’s bow, frolicking for close to an hour.

The sun-kissed sea was so still and clear that the dolphins could be seen in all their glory, even well beneath the water, and trails of air bubbles followed behind them.

Angler Dave Lewis, 53, grabbed his camera and was able to capture a gallery of wonderful shots, an experience he said was ‘really intimate’ and highly ‘entertaining’.
Mr Lewis said the dolphins started coming up towards the group's boat, ducking and driving around each other in a playful display

The dolphins were spotted by a group of Welsh fishermen near Milford Haven, in Pembrokshire, Wales, while they were enjoying a fishing trip

Large trails of air bubbles could be seen as the dolphins swum past the group's boat, captured here in pictures taken by Mr Lewis from the vessel

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