Dolphin plays with surfers

From Carl Casey’s on the Inertia site

Myself and the boys rocked up to our local break — McCauley’s Beach, Thirroul, NSW Australia — on a Saturday back in may as we do every Saturday. Except this time we found a lone dolphin swimming out in the lineup. As the boys grabbed their boards to go out and get a few small waves, I opted to leave my board in the car and instead grabbed my GoPro to swim out and film him/her for a while.

To our surprise, this dolphin was extremely friendly — it was swimming up to everyone and letting us touch it. It was dropping in on the boys and following the line of their boards along the waves only inches below them, even swimming up and tugging on one mate’s leg-rope. It was certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience; none of us boys have ever seen anything like it before in all our combined years of surfing. I hope you all will enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed spending time with this beautiful animal.

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