Dolphin Way Reviewed

Dolphin-Way-Book A detailed new review on Goodreads just caught our eye – it was posted by the mysterious “J.T.” Whoever you are, thank you!

There are certain things that amaze me about authors. One of those is how some writers can create worlds so different from the world we live in. Mark Caney has created an entire society that includes a culture, music, stories and legends, poetry, etiquette and all else that makes up a fully developed society. That this society is underwater in the oceans we all know, and populated by dolphins, makes it all the more amazing to me. He seems to have all the details worked out – right down to the quotes at the start of each chapter that are ‘from’ ancient dolphin poets, scriptures and other writings.

The descriptive prose pulled me in until I could see the scenes of the book playing out in my mind as I read. Never once did I forget that the characters were dolphins but they were so well developed that I had my favourites and was trying hard to figure out the secrets and mysteries of the plot right along with them.

The issues of the day, in the dolphin world, revolve around the changing ocean and resultant loss of food sources. Something must be done but some dolphins have gone too far in looking for a solution. With members of the Dune Coast clan being murdered and the renegade Guardians living too close for comfort, things start to spiral out of control. Touches the Sky looks for answers and finds betrayal.

Dolphin Way: Rise of the Guardians is a pointed commentary about the state of our world and how our lack of response to environmental issues is affecting other species. But it is also a charming and involved coming of age story set in the sea. Caney has written a book that brings new meaning to the word perspective. The characters, the plot, and the ocean scenery take the reader into the intimate world of the dolphin characters allowing the reader to become entwined in their lives.

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