Divers rescue baby dolphin in South Africa

From Ocean Explorers Dive Centre Facebook page:

Ocean Explorers Dive Centre's photo.

“Hello everyone what an amazing weekend down in Sodwana I would just like to let everyone know what went down on our dolphin rescue. We had a mother and calf come up to us several times to the boat and we could see the baby was tide up, we thought it was a net at first. I jumped in with them and swam with them and could then see that the calf was in fact tied up with very strong fishing line that had cut into the dorsal fin about 3 inches as well as both pectoral fins, wrapped around its body and tied to its tail and about 3meters of line trailing behind it. After assessing the scene we came up with a new plan and jumped back in the water. After 30 minutes of swimming and finally catching the line and 10min of surfing and tug of war and help from its mother we managed to cut the baby free! Huge thanks to John for helping me and a huge thank you to Elfas from Sodwana bay lodge our wonderful skipper that made it all possible and to Yvonne, Carol, Nick and Chad for spotting from the boat. Well done Ocean Explorers we saved a beautiful baby dolphin!!! Looking forward to swimming with you soon little guy”. Ryan Cox

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