How thousands of dolphins die for your cheap tuna sarnie

They are perhaps the most intelligent species on earth after humans. And they are dying torturous deaths to fill our lunchtime sandwiches.

A terrifying new report has found that 98 per cent of canned fish sold by Britain’s best-known purveyors, John West, are caught by methods which indiscriminately kill other marine life — including dolphins.

This is despite a claim from the company that its entire output would be sustainably caught by 2016. Not only that, it emerged this week that John West’s claims that the contents of its cans are ‘100 per cent traceable’ is false. The company has a label on its cans saying that customers can use its website to track where the tuna in each can came from.

Under threat: Playful bottlenose dolphins seem like happier, carefree versions of ourselves, but are dying torturous deaths

But the website does not allow shoppers to trace tuna from Thailand — which has been warned with a ‘yellow card’ by the European Commission over illegal fishing activity — even though cans of John West tuna from Thailand are on sale here.

Ariana Densham, oceans campaigner at Greenpeace UK, is scathing. ‘It’s clear John West has no intention of keeping its sustainability promise,’ she says.

‘A pathetic two per cent of its tuna is caught in a way which minimises harm to other marine life.’

Source: Mail Online

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