Dolphin calf dies at aquarium

A dolphin baby born last week at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, USA has died, the aquarium announced on 10th June.

The Pacific white-sided dolphin, born June 3, died late Thursday afternoon, according to a release from the aquarium.

Although the calf was born without trouble, it took longer than expected to learn nursing skills. Shedd staff began feeding the calf with her mother’s milk about 12 hours after the birth as a precaution, according to the release.

Shedd staff are monitoring the health and behavior of the calf’s mother, Tique, who is 26, according to the release. Staff have monitored the mother and calf around the clock since its birth.

“This is an extremely sad day for the Shedd Aquarium family,” Shedd President and CEO Ted A. Beattie said in the release.

Shedd veterinarians and pathologists did a full animal autopsy — known as a necropsy — but were unable to find anything conclusive about the calf’s death.

“Additional evaluations will be conducted; however, as is often the case, a cause of death may never fully be known,”

Source: Chicago Tribune

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