Dolphins caged for tourist shows

From The Sun:

A horrified Briton saw two bottlenose dolphins at a Turkish hotel where holidaymakers paid £70 to swim with them. Video shot by Rebecca Williams shows one dolphin clearly in distress as it constantly bobs up and down in a pen just 50ft square at the Kefaluka Hotel near Bodrum. Rebecca said: “You could clearly see wounds on their noses.”

The Sun found two more bottlenoses in rusty wire cages at the nearby Balik Dolphin Park. Both were covered in scratches and forced to tow around tourists paying £55 a go.

The Kefaluka vowed to return the dolphins to their owner after outraged guests slammed the hotel on web forums.

Dolphin park boss Cenk Gokalep, who owns all four, claimed they “have fun” adding: “There is no need to worry.”

Last year The Sun freed two other dolphins from a filthy Turkish pool.

Source: The Sun

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  1. This is totally unacceptable. These animals are not there for people !!! They have their own life to live. There is a group on facebook called Tankbangers who are working hard to help with marine life !!! How can we help to get this resolved. Please let us know !!

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