Dolphin Way Information Sources

I wrote the book Dolphin Way and the associated website and Facebook pages in the hope that people will appreciate dolphins more and want to conserve them. You may not realise that there are three main areas about dolphins on the Internet:

The Dolphin Way website and the blog

The Dolphin Way Facebook Page

The Dolphin Way Group

The Dolphin Way website is a fairly static resource for information – basic facts about dolphins (and about the book, Dolphin Way: Rise of the Guardians of course). The blog on the other hand is part of the website but is constantly changing; I add stories on there that I find from the international news or people send me. Then, those stories are automatically fed onto the Facebook page and the Twitter feed.

I try to ensure that the stories that I put up there are reported without bias. I don’t usually comment on them, and I don’t usually put up the ones that are clearly propaganda to support one point of view.

There are a lot of people subscribed to both the website and page (over 1,700 on the page for example) and these are good places for people to get information but not so good to let them discuss them. For anyone who wants to do that there is the Dolphin Way Facebook group.

This is a closed group, not open like most are. That means I can eject anyone who tries to post spam, is abusive or trying to promote irrelevant agendas. It also means we don’t see the internet ‘trolls’ in there being aggressive and stirring up argument just for the fun of it. In that group the members are constantly posting dolphin related stories, discussing the issues related about them or planning what to do about it.

So there are your options. Oh, and by the way, if you are wondering who I am, there is also a Facebook page explaining that too.

Mark Caney

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