Dolphins ‘fed drugs by ravers’

Shadow, one of the two dolphins who died

A pair of dolphins may have died after being fed drugs by ravers after a second animal died.

Police looking into the deaths in Connyland, Lipperswil, Switzerland, initially thought the deafening music from the rave may have killed dolphins Shadow and Chelmers.

But zoo vets are awaiting toxicology test results to see if they were poisoned by narcotics thrown into their enclosure during the rave.

See full story: Daily Mail


Note: A similar party is said to be planned for a different dolphinarium in the USA. See: Facebook site


2 thoughts on “Dolphins ‘fed drugs by ravers’”

  1. This was unacceptable! The remaining dolphins at Connyland should be seized immediately, rehabilitated and then released. I am equally as shocked to see a huge disco party planned at the Miami Seaquarium November 25th from 8pm to 4am! And this is a fund raiser. Please follow the link above and help to stop more dolphin deaths.

  2. Omg this story makes me sick them Poor poor dolphins argghhh it makes me so mad they don’t deserve to be treated like this!! This should not of happened!!! I can’t even imagine what these dolphins went through these poor defenseless animals! What have they ever done that’s so wrong that they deserve this!! I don’t care who’s fault it was but it’s sick and who ever thought that having a rave near any animal was a good idea was just plain stupid!!!!!! Humans really are the cruelest of animals! They Don’t deserve to live!

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