Dolphins fascinated by penguin

Quite why these dolphins were so enchanted by their feathered friend is anyone’s guess but when Fozzie the African penguin walked past their enclosure, eight beady eyes were on him.

Fozzie had been walking with his less brazen penguin pals when he stopped ouside the dolphin enclosure and it was a moment theme park employee Nancy Chan simply could not miss.

Ms Chan, who has worked in zoos for 17 years, said: ‘I’ve always been interested in photographing the animals and over the years I have learnt the value of being in the right place at the right time.

‘I was walking past the penguin enclosure when I noticed that one of our dolphins was paying particular attention to Fozzie. I was amazed when four dolphins came over.

‘I don’t think Fozzie really knew what was going on. Dolphins are naturally curious, which comes across in these pictures.’

Ms Chan, 48, took this photo at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in California, where she also works.

She said: ‘The first two penguins barely went near the window. The size and scope of the dolphins was intimidating. Fozzie walked right up and watched. When all four dolphins came up and just stared at him, it was very amusing.’

Full story: Metro

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  1. If I had been locked in a cell for god knows how many years, I would be pretty interested in anything that came along to relieve the boredom too !!!

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