Dolphin expert sets Dolphin Way as ‘required reading’

Angie Gullan with some of her “dolfriends”

Angie Gullan is the founder of Dolphin Encountours, a company specialising in taking people out to swim near wild dolphins. Based in Mozambique, Dolphin Encountours has been working in the field of ethical marine mammal tourism since the mid 90’s and has been featured on television for its unique approach to sustainable and research-driven dolphin tourism.

Angie recently read Dolphin Way: Rise of the Guardians and was so impressed that she has now made it required reading for the volunteers that assist in running the dolphin viewing tours. Angie said that the unique novel would help them to understand the remarkable intelligence of the dolphins they would be working with.

Angie reading Dolphin Way

Mark Caney, the author of Dolphin Way, said, “I am very pleased to hear Angie’s comments, as I went to a lot of trouble to ensure that the novel is based as closely as possible on fact. So it’s great to hear that someone with as much experience of wild dolphins as Angie finds it believable and enjoyable.”





 Watch the video trailer for Dolphin Way:

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