Dolphin shows surfer how it’s done off Australian coast

ad_116558426A surfer riding a wave is upstaged by a dolphin jumping out of the water right alongside him.

This incredible moment was captured by a self-taught photographer who was lining up his last shot of the day.

Matt Hutton, 31, was taking pictures of surfer Trent Sherborne off Kalbarri beach, Western Australia, when this happened.

‘It really is a very rare shot and I was so lucky to have been at the right place and right time and in regards to the dolphin and the surfer, Trent said he knew it was him in the photo as it’s not every day you get to eyeball a Dolphin, so it was pretty close,’ said Mr Hutton, of Perth.

‘I have had so many people write kind emails, messages, comments etc and it has been a very humbling experience, it is simply the highlight of my small photography career.

‘A few people think it’s Photoshopped but I can assure you it’s not!’

Source: Metro

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