This dolphin flips for her human friends

She is the dolphin who seems to prefer humans to her own species — swimming up to play with people everywhere from the south coast to Sydney Harbour and Pittwater, and now Manly Beach, Australia.

On Thursday she casually swam into the shallows at the northern end of Manly Beach, allowing herself to be patted, cuddled and stroked, rubbing the legs of people standing in the shallows, playing hide and seek and swimming closely underneath delighted children taking surfing lessons.

Professional photographer Joel Coleman was taking images of surfers at dawn when the dolphin appeared and began sharing the waves with the surfers.

“The dolphin would catch a wave, then swim back to us and wait, and someone would get a wave, and then it was like ‘it’s my turn again now’,’’ Mr Coleman said.

“It would even come up and rub my legs as I was standing in shallow water. It played with kids and anyone who was in the water.

“In 20 years I’ve seen no other dolphin act anything like this. Normally they just pass by really quickly.”

Full story and photos: The Telegraph

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