More stories of dolphins helping humans

Sam Amps
Sam Amps

A good friend of mine is Sam Amps who is one of the top freedivers and was very instrumental in helping us write the PADI Freediver program. She just told me of two interesting stories she has just heard about dolphins helping people. She says, “A guy who came on a Freedive course told me that he had not really Freedived before but decided to have a go. He was on his own and started doing quite well. He was fine and got himself down to about 15m. At the bottom he realised he’d over done it and started worrying he wouldn’t get back up. A dolphin appeared and swam up alongside him, then waited next to him on the surface until he was clearly OK!

Also, Roger Mallinson, the submariner guy I met who got trapped in the deep Atlantic for several days and nights in his sub said they could hear dolphins around them the whole time they were submerged. When they were rescued they could hear them the whole way up. They surfaced, the dolphins watched the rescue and swam off!”

Rescue of Roger Mallinson and Roger Chapman

By Mark Caney

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